Since 2012, the “CITYART EDITION” company has developed its souvenir creation activity in and of South-West France. From its head-office in Bordeaux, the company has naturally focused its activity on this beautiful & lovely city.

Also, since 2013 we propose the conception of company gifts for our professional clients with our own distinctive logos.

As from next year our horizon will expand to encompass Saint Emilion and l’Entre-deux-mers.

CITYART ÉDITION and your advertising products

CITYART ÉDITION implements for you and your customers the achievement of gifts, gift boxes and giveaways. These are objects of everyday life, original, practical, beautiful or useful, but they always convey a message – your message. We offer consistent quality products with your logo or our attractive designs.
Local companies also offer us the opportunity to combine our products with your own company logo. (see CITYART ÉDITION and products of the city)

CITYART ÉDITION and photography services

We photograph your products, your company or your staff for your web presence, your online store or to decorate your business premises, in different designs and formats. We work with a variety of professional photographers specializing in landscape but also architectural photography, and photography of products from various fields and industries (Chateaux, wine, food, furniture, Portrait, conferences …)

CITYART ÉDITION and products of the city

Located in Bordeaux, we maintain of course a special closeness to the city of Bordeaux, its wineries and Châteaux and its surrounding area. We have our own brands and logos with which we designed a variety of objects dedicated to Bordeaux, which we market through our various partners. We work with the museum shops, our store and BORDEAUX SHOP Gallery is settled in the heart of the city of Bordeaux. Our shop also serves as a showroom for our business customers.

Bordeaux is creative – Bordeaux is modern – Bordeaux is dynamic – Bordeaux and its Start Up

Our products

Our products are closed to the consumer and are readily chosen by us. They are charming, elegant, comfortable to touch and correct. These are the keychain, bread baskets, aprons, Christmas postcards, art or wine with their label – they are developed or modern, fun or delicious, sweet or savory. We will find the right idea for your project.

Our partners

We cooperate with several graphic designers, freelance designers and photographers from France and Germany. This gives us the opportunity to combine cultural competences often from different countries. The exterior look is still mainly impartial !?


17, Rue Bouffard
33000 Bordeaux

Phone 0033 (0)9 67 22 97 19